Staying up to Date on the Latest Product Offerings


Here at Joyce Contract Interiors we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all of the latest and greatest office furniture trends, so this week the entire JCI team took a trip into Boston to visit the Global Showroom and do some training on their latest products. Global Total Office is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for office furniture, partnered with Office To Go, and this year is no exception.

At Neocon this past year they introduced a few new items, as well as some updates to their existing lines. One of the most anticipated is their new line of lounge furniture, the River series, which is set to launch in the summer. This line offers a wide range of modular seating, giving companies the option to customize each piece to fit their spaces needs. This system come in a bench, as well as three different height backs including standard, high, and extended. It also offers the option to add power directly into the seat or to one of the many table options available from this line. Once released this line is sure to be a home run.

They also featured their new Swap tables in which the tops and bases are sold separately to allow a multitude of possible combinations.  The steel base is available in a circular or square base plate and can come in a standard height, counter height, or bar height configuration. With 21 laminate options and 5 different base finishes this table is perfect for any space.

Some changes that they made to their existing lines include the addition of Citi Squared, which takes their tradition Citi line and gives it a more modern and upgraded look with a squared off chrome frame. They also added some new coffee and end tables that mimic the sleek new look.


Above & Beyond

Joyce Contract Interiors goes beyond your average office furniture dealer and design team; we become an intrical part of your project management team. Our team will attend project meetings and work directly with your architect, general contractors, electricians, and other trades to make sure your selected furniture comes together and brings your vision to life. Not only can we help with space planning, furniture selection, and finish options, but we can also help manage scheduling, locate electrical outlets and floor cores, and provide test fits to ensure great result. Let our team help you! Contact us at 978-251-2226 or by email at to speak with a knowledgeable sales person and designer today!

Importance of Flexible Electrical & Data

As we look to the future of technology as it applies to office design, many experts are forecasting a change from hardwired stations to a more flexible wireless style of workspace. As these changes become more popular, it will be important for architects, designers, building owners, and employers to provide their clients and employees the correct electrical and data solutions for their needs. For architects and designers, this means planning the correct access to flexible electric and data options. Building owners and employers, however, should always include a wireless option to allow for the needed flexibility. If industry professionals plan ahead on these issues as we build new or renovate existing office spaces, we are able to provide for our users a more desirable work environment, one that suits the industry’s forever changing needs.
The Millennial workforce is coming in strong, bringing a more collaborative and flexible style and work process that need the proper accommodations. This group is using more wireless devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to communicate and complete tasks within the office and from home. This style of work allows these workers to be in smaller workstations and have the flexibility to get up and collaborate with coworkers. But, this style also requires more readily available options for electrical and data connection. For buildings looking to attract new businesses to their area and property, they must provide flexible plug-and-play options such as floor coring, ceiling drops, and wall outlets. Floor coring allows a business to bring data and electrical up through the floor in a typically 6”-8” round receptacle, giving employees the flexibility to move desks and other furniture around them in order to gain access to power and data. Ceiling drops typically use a pole to bring electric and data wires down from the ceiling, and are better for powering stationary workstations like the Flow height-adjustable benching system from Symmetry. Finally, an array of duplex outlets on the walls allows for the set-up of lounge, training, and touchdown areas with monitors and easy access to charging.
As employers look to attract young talent, it is becoming more critical to provide wireless connectivity and offer more opportunities for flexibility and collaboration. Some items that can serve this purpose are mobile charging stations such as the Drift and the Isle. The Drift is a small portable charging station that can be placed on a lounge table or other collaborative table, while the Isle is a charging tower on casters that can be moved to any area, and has shelf space for small devices. Both devices need to be plugged into an outlet, but provide both outlets and USB ports for easy charging capabilities for electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets. By providing these simple amenities, we can help this group become more productive and thrive in the workspace.



The Latest Trends

Symmetry Office, one of our manufacturers, is blowing away the competition with their newest products. They have come out with a multitude of different products that focus on the ergonomic and collaborative needs of the millennial workforce. Symmetry has everything from benching-style workstations and movable partition walls to whiteboards and height-adjustable tables.

The newest benching system from Symmetry is HoBe, a versatile, modular style of workstation that can be flexible in many applications. Designed and manufactured here in the United States, this system features a central wire trough for power and data, a solid-steel frame construction, and a 10-year warranty. The HoBe system also allows for a single shared leg between two surfaces, giving it a very clean modern look.

Another new model of height-adjustable tables is called the Voyager All -in-One. This table can accommodate a table width of 36” to 84,” and heights between 28-1/2” and 47-1/4.” These different heights can easily be achieved using the programmable hand controls attached underneath the worksurface. Its design also allows for up to two attached storage cabinets, a keyboard tray, privacy screens, and monitor arms. Other table models offered by Symmetry include the Clarity and Apollo tables that can accommodate taller individuals with a 49-50” height range.

Through their Urban Wall collection, Symmetry also offers multiple configurations of movable wall partitions. Urban Wall has 3 frame colors, 37 style configurations, and 39 core materials (including whiteboard, fabric, acrylic, and laminate) to choose among. This system also has an option for casters, rather than feet, to allow for easy movement. With their endless possibilities, these partitions are the perfect solution to accentuate or delineate any space.

To purchase or find out more about any of these products give us a call at 978-251-2226.

Best Fitness

Best Fitness, a professional fitness center, recently moved their corporate headquarters to Nashua, NH. Already possessing a strong brand, the company’s decision-makers knew that they wanted to create a fun, vibrant office atmosphere. What they sought was an environment that encouraged their employees to get up and collaborate—but they needed some help envisioning and implementing this goal.
Having worked with Joyce Contract Interiors at their Chelmsford, MA locations, Best Fitness invited us to take a look at the new space and come up with designs that incorporated the company colors and ideals. Samantha and Dan worked alongside the end-users and the architectural team to come up with the best solution possible, one that would satisfy everyone’s needs. Working with the existing architecture of the space, Samantha was able to design a creative “off-the-wall” style cubicle that provided the perfect balance of space and acoustic privacy. Adding glazed glass stackers on top of the panel system allowed natural light to filter into the cubicles without over-exposure or disruption. Outside of the cubicles, Samantha created a storage area using three drawer laterals, which also doubled as a high-top meeting and collaboration area by the placement of laminate tops across the span of the files.
The client wanted to maintain a consistent look throughout the office; the private offices needed to have the same feel as the open area cubicles. Using the same light-maple laminate Samantha was able to create large, L-Shaped desks that incorporate a frosted glass modesty panel to mimic the glass stackers of the panel system. Tackboards in the same fabric as the panels were used on the walls. Dual-monitor arms were installed to help increase efficiency. The offices were finished with orange desk and guest chairs that kept with the Best Fitness branding and add a pop of color.
In addition to these workspaces, Best Fitness also needed to create two conference rooms within the new space—one larger boardroom-style conference room and one smaller quick-meeting space. In the larger conference room, a HON preside conference-room table was specified because it allowed the client to pull the light-wood-grained laminate into the space and accommodated the power needs. This table offers hollow bases that allow the electrical system to be wired up through the base. This placement results in a clean look, but still allows quick access through a hidden door panel. A smaller HON preside table with aluminum T-base legs was specified in the same wood tone for the smaller of the two conference rooms, keeping a cohesive look. These spaces were finished with matching 9 to5 Aria chairs in the same orange-mesh back and black-fabric seat as the offices.


Vestmark, an existing client of Joyce Contract Interiors, is growing rapidly and recently took over some new space on the first floor of their building in Wakefield, MA. Having worked with us on their location in New Jersey, to create a modern open style office, Vestmark wanted to continue the look for their space in Wakefield. After meeting with the clients at our showroom to discuss their design vision for the new space, we were able to narrow down the furniture to two different options. The first option was a 6’ x 8’ private cubicle that gave their engineering group a quiet space to work, and the other was a modified dogbone style cubicle that gave privacy between work-groups but allowed for collaboration between each pod. After providing a few layouts and visuals of the two options, it was decided that the modified dogbone would be the best option for the group’s needs.
Wanting to give their employees flexible options on how they could work the company also wanted to provide height adjustable tables with double monitor arms for their computer needs. With some taller employees it was important that the spine of the workstations were 67” high to give privacy while standing, but to keep a more open feel it was decided that a stepped-down look on the wing panels would be best with the lowest panels being 39” high. To keep with the open modern atmosphere frosted glass stackers were added to the panels, which allowed natural lighting from the buildings many windows to flow through the space. A total of 83 workstations were incorporated into the space, along with conference tables and chairs, collaborative area seating, high-top lounge table and chairs, and Zenergy ball guest seating.

RJP Consulting Group

After expanding to a new location in Downingtown, PA, RJP was looking for a company to provide modern furnishings that would create an open, collaborative feel. Joyce Contract Interiors supplied a quote and layout for RJP’s new space; the proposal included 3D renderings that allowed RJP employees to visualize the furniture within the space. Joyce Contract Interiors also helped RJP finalize a color scheme that incorporated the company’s logo.
Samantha was able to achieve their design vision by using 7′ x 9′ open style cubicles. These stations provide the perfect balance of privacy and collaboration, with 53″ High panels and a boomerang shaped table extending out of the cubicle that allows guest and coworkers to easily pull up a chair. The tiled panels also contribute to the overall look of the space by including a blue stripe along the outside walls of the stations that incorporated the company colors, while glass stackers gave the illusion of open space by allowing natural lighting to flow freely throughout the space. The space is completed with a matching reception station and small collaborative areas